About Us

Arihant Education Foundation (AEF)

Since inception in 2005 Arihant Education Foundation (AEF) is aimed at imparting high quality contemporary education in highly employment and entrepreneurship oriented sectors. The selfless work put in by the efficient and devoted faculty to curve its own niche in the field of education. In the journey of 10 years Arihant caters to the changing needs of the society without comprising of society and its prime objective. AEF has made fundamental contribution in the fields of linguistics, business management, Information and Communication technology, hotel and tourism management.

The wings of AEF have been widening ever since. All the programs are designed to make the students more practical oriented and make them capable to face the challenges in this competitive world. With the well equipped infrastructure, facilities of information and communication technology and with the team of dedicated staff, AEF is all geared to take challenges in the era of globalization.

AEF has taken several steps in its pursuit of excellence. With the changing world and demand we have implemented ERP, Smart phone based application, Phone based application, blog activity, online library, social media integration etc.


Arihant Education Foundation (AEF) aspires to be an academic leader recognized for innovation and quality in teaching and learning process. AEF believes in ‘प्रज्ञा परिव्याप्त’ i.e. improving and bringing in transformation among our students and community through the use of collaborations, innovation and extensive knowledge.


  • To impart value based education to make the students competent, accountable and civilized citizens.
  • To motivate the students for commitment towards the society and action.
  • To educate, empower and enrich the students with knowledge.
  • To develop moral, ethical, social and aesthetic values amongst students.
  • To provide a platform for interaction between academicians, industrialists and students for enhancing employability and developing human resources.
  • To work in partnership with students, families and the community to ensure that each student to acquire the knowledge, skill and core values necessary to achieve personal success and to enrich the community.
  • To ensure that students achieve intellectual and personal excellence and be well prepared for able participation in the global scenario.
Dr. Shinde Kanchan Natha
Principal I/C
Arihant College of Arts, Commerce and Science

Principal's Message

Dear Students,

It is my privilege to heartily welcome all the students who are eager to seek admissions in Arihant College of Arts, Commerce and Science Camp, Pune – 411001. The college runs under the aegis of Arihant Education Foundation, Pune

As a Principal, I feel I am a very fortunate Principal, having a visionary educationalist Honorable Dr. Sanjayji Malpani, as the president of the Arihant Education Foundation. His strong support, fatherly advice, encouragement and valuable guidance from time to time have enabled me to take forward the challenges to overcome and take the college to ever at high level each time.

I wish that our students should impart an all-round education so that they become multidimensional rather than uni-dimensional. Only to acquire information is no longer the main focus of education, instead the main aim of education is to build the powers of human mind and spirit. We believe in providing our students an environment rich knowledge and be supportive for their extra – curricular interests.

It is wonderful to look at last few years, at Arihant college, when there is so much to feel proud of and celebrate last few years which have been extremely successful and satisfying in terms of accomplishments and accolades in scholastic, co-scholastic and infrastructural development areas. In the academic session 2016-17, 23 students of our junior college have obtained above 92% marks and 50 students have obtained 85% to 91% marks in their HSC board examination. A very prestigious event took place in the history of the Arihant

Education Foundation that Arnav Datar a student of our college secured All India rank 41st and 2nd rank in Pune in JEE mains examination held in April 2018. The college has a tradition of excelling in sports and extra- curricular activities, in which our students continue to bring us laurels at the University, Zonal and National levels.

I feel proud to acknowledge the contribution of highly qualified, dynamic and multi-talented faculty, administrative staff and my students for the same. We have to continue ahead further for producing and maintaining the best. We have 15 departments and 10 programs which endeavor to enrich the academic and extra-curricular standards of our students.

Our teachers work hard throughout the year with the students to provide them high quality educational experience in the form of debates, group discussions, workshops, seminars and cultural activities. Eminent personalities are invited from all walks of life to address our students and expose them to new ideas and thoughts. I, sincerely believe that “all odds, all challenges and all handicaps of life can be overcome with strong determination, insurmountable, patience and unshakable tenacity”.

I promise you that our experienced and competent faculties are with you to help you at all occasions.

My best wishes to the new students entering into Arihant College.

Join us… A great career and future await you……
Welcome to Arihant family…