B. SC. Computer Science



At first year of under-graduation basic foundation of two important skills required for software development is laid. A course in programming and a course in database fundamentals forms the preliminary skill set for solving computational problems. Simultaneously two practical courses are designed to supplement the theoretical training. The second practical course also includes a preliminary preparation for website designing in the form of HTML programming. Alongwith Computer Science two theory and one practical course each in Statistics, Mathematics and Electronics help in building a strong foundation.

At second year under-graduation: The programming skills are further strengthened by a course in Data structures and Object oriented programming. The advanced topics in Databases and preliminary software engineering form the second course. Two practical courses alongside help in hands-on training. Students also undertake a mini project using software engineering principles to solve a real world problem. Simultaneously two theory and one practical course each in Mathematics and Electronics help in strengthening problem solving abilities.

At third year under-graduation: Six theory papers in each semester and practical courses cover the entire spectrum of topics necessary to build knowledge base and requisite skill set. Third practical course also includes project work which gives students hands on experience in solving a real world problem.


  1. To develop problem solving abilities using a computer
  2. To build the necessary skill set and analytical abilities for developing computer based solutions for real life problems.
  3. To imbibe quality software development practices. To create awareness about process and product standards
  4. To train students in professional skills related to Software Industry.
  5. To prepare necessary knowledge base for research and development in Computer Science
  6. To help students build-up a successful career in Computer Science


Higher Secondary School Certificate (10+2) Science stream or its equivalent Examination as per the Savitribai Phule Pune University eligibility norms.

Department and Paper/Course Title of the Paper Annual Exam Pattern
Internal Marks
out of 20
External Marks
out of 80
out of 100
Computer Science
Computer Science Paper I
Problem Solving Using Computers and 'C' Programming 08 32 40
Computer Science Paper II
File Organization and Fundamental of Databases 08 32 40
Computer Science Practical Paper I
Computer Science Practical Paper I 08 32 40
Computer Science Practical Paper II
Computer Science Practical Paper II 08 32 40
MTC 101 Discrete Mathematics 08 32 40
MTC 102 Algebra and Calculus 08 32 40
MTC 103 Mathematics Practicals 08 32 40
Paper I Statistical Methods I 08 32 40
Paper II Statistical Methods II 08 32 40
Practical Course Practical Course 08 32 40
Theory Paper I (ELC-101) Principles of Analog Electronics 08 32 40
Theory Paper II (ELC-102) Principles of Digital Electronics 08 32 40
Practical Paper III (ELC-103) Practical 08 32 40

Internal examination:Internal assessment of the student by respective teacher will be based on written test, 10 marks each term. The written test shall comprise of objective type questions – Multiple Type Questions, True / False, Definitions, Answer in Two or three line question (Describe/Explain).There shall be 20 questions.

Practical: Continuous assessment of Lab work and mini project.

Practical Examination: Practical examination shall be conducted by the respective college at the end of the academic year. Practical examination will be of 3 hours duration for each practical course. Certified journal is compulsory to appear for practical examination. There shall be two expert and two examiners per batch for the practical examination.

No Paper Semester I Semester II
1 Computer Science Paper I CS-211:Data Structures using ‘C’ CS-221:Object Oriented Concepts using C++
2 Computer Science Paper II CS-212: Relational Database Management System CS-222:Software Engineering
3 Computer Science Paper III CS-223:Data structures Practicals and C++ Practicals
4 Computer Science Paper IV CS-224:Database Practicals & Mini Project using Software Engineering techniques
5 Mathematics Paper I MT-211:Mathematics Paper I Sem I MT-221:Mathematics Paper I Sem II
6 Mathematics Paper II MT-212:Mathematics Paper II-Sem I MT-222:Mathematics Paper IISem II
7 Mathematics Paper III MT-223:Practical Course in Mathematics
8 Electronics Paper I EL-211:Electronics Paper I Sem I EL-221:Electronics Paper I Sem II
9 Electronics Paper II EL-212:Electronics Paper II Sem I EL-222:Electronics Paper II Sem II
10 Electronics Paper III EL-223:Practical Course in Electronics
11 English EN-211:Technical English-Sem I
No Paper Semester III Semester IV
1 Computer Science Paper I CS-331: System Programming CS-341 : Operating System
2 Computer Science Paper II CS-332 : Theoretical Computer Science CS-342: Compiler Construction
3 Computer Science Paper III CS-333 : Computer Networks - I CS-343: Computer Networks – I
4 Computer Science Paper IV CS-334: Internet Programming – I CS-344: Internet Programming – I
5 Computer Science Paper V CS-335 : Programming in Java – I CS-345: Programming in Java – II
6 Computer Science Paper VI CS-336: Object Oriented Software Engineering CS-346: Computer Graphics
7 Computer Science Paper VII Practicals Based on CS-331 and CS 341 – Sem III and Sem IV
8 Computer Science Paper VIII Practicals Based on CS-335 and CS 344 – Sem III and Sem IV and Computer Graphics using Java
9 Computer Science Paper IX Practicals Based on CS-334 and CS 344 – Sem III and Sem IV and Project

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