Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services (PGDFS)

Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services (PGDFS)


The name of the course shall be,
“Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Services (PGDFS)”
Formerly Diploma in Financial Services (D.F.S.)

The objectives of new curriculum of PGDFS Course

  1. The Basic objective of PGDFS Programme is to diversify into a sunrise industry and be in tune with the Liberalization Programme of the Government of India.
  2. To provide young graduates an opportunity to gain insights into new areas through formal University education and training.
  3. To professionalise University learning process and augment the social relevance of university Programmes.
  4. To provide participants with an opportunity to develop knowledge of basic concepts, insights into quality financial services and sharpen the decision making process.

Eligibility for Admission

Bachelors Degree in any faculty of any statutory University. OR
Diploma awarded by Board of Technical Education of any State /Central Government (Post SSC 3 years Diploma or Post HSC 2 years Diploma) with 1 year post diploma experience.


  1. The course will be of one-year duration spread over two semesters.
  2. The total numbers of papers will be 14.
  3. Each full paper shall be taught in 30 sessions of 60 minutes each and each half paper will be taught in 15 sessions of 60 minutes each.
  4. The outline of the structure PGDFS course is as per Annexure-I.
  5. Detailed Syllabus of PGDFS course is as per Annexure-II.
  6. Ordinarily not more than 60 students will be admitted in the class.

Scheme of Examination

1. Assessment of External Papers

The final total assessment of the candidates shall be made in terms of an internal assessment for 30 marks and an external assessment for 70 marks for each course.

a) External assessment:

The external assessment for 70 marks shall be based on the external written examination to be held at the end of each semester for each course.

b) Internal assessment of External Papers:

Internal assessment will be based on the written assignments and class test, presentation of paper etc.

c) Re-assessment of Internal Marks:

In case of those students who will secure less marks than passing percentage of marks in internal, concerned Institute must administer a separate internal test of 30 marks, the result of which may be conveyed to the University as the Revised Internal marks.

In case the result of the internal test as above, results in lower marks than the original, original figure of the marks should be prevailed. In short, the rule is higher of the two figures of the marks, shall be taken into consideration.

2. Assessment of Internal Papers:

Paper No. 2 (a) & (b), Paper No. 5(a) & (b), Paper No. 8, Paper No 13 and Paper No.14 will carry 100 marks. For these paper there will be only internal evaluation for 100 marks. These marks will be communicated to the University along with other internal marks.

Project Work

Each candidate shall undertake a yearlong project, which would commence at the mid point of First Semester. Assessment of the same will be made at the end of the year.

He shall write a Project Report on a topic to be selected under the guidance of an internal teacher.

It is only on the basis of a certificate of the teacher concerned that the Project Report has been satisfactorily completed, that the candidate would be allowed to appear at second semester (year end) examination. The project work will carry 30 marks and on the basis of the report submitted by the student, there will be a viva at the end of the second year carrying 70 marks conducted by a panel consisting of two members one of which should be internal and other should be external appointed by the Institute.

The project Report is to be prepared by the student and two typed copies to be submitted to the Principal / Director by 31st January during that academic year. The report will be duly assessed by the internal teacher of the subject for 30 marks.


The PGDFS examination will be held in two semesters. The candidate will be allowed to proceed from Semester one to second Semester irrespective of their passing the examination of the previous semesters.

Standard of Passing

Every candidate must secure 40% marks in each paper for internal as well as external examination.

Teaching Faculty

Besides full time faculty members, Part time, adjunct, and visiting faculty members should be invited to conduct the professional courses. Faculty should normally satisfy one of the following criteria:

(a) Master’s degree of recognized University of a subject in question or Professional qualifications such as C.A.,I. C.W.A., C.S. etc.

(b) Master’s Degree of recognized University in any faculty with at least two years professional experience related to given subject.

(c) Bachelor’s Degree of a recognized University in any faculty or Diploma awarded by BTE with at least five years professional experience related to the given subject.