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on 20-03-2019

Seminar Theme 

Digitization in start-ups 

-Digital infrastructure and connectivity.

-Encouraging Digital update.


Talent in start-ups      

-Innovation in start-ups

-Access to talent/ creating talent

-Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)  


Finance in start-ups   

-Risk taking in Entrepreneurship

-Renting Vs Buying

-Access to finance


Application of ‘Marketing’ in start-ups  

-Brand Strategy

-Marketing of new venture 

-Unique Marketing Idea

Innovation in start-ups 

-Promoting Innovation/Igniting Mind

-Encouraging Skilled Manpower

-Should you run more than one start-ups?

Broad Themes

-Woman Entrepreneurship 

-Paradigm shift from job to Start-ups

-Operations and SCM of Start-ups 

-Role of Government in promoting start-ups in India


Research Papers related to the themes mentioned or Allied themes are also welcome.