Report:On 26.11.2020 at ACACS CAMP PUNE has organized oneday workshop onसंविधान दिवसbyNSS Department and Art’s Circle on the occasion of constitution day. This program was conducted under the noble guidance of Dr. Bhushan Patil, Managing Director; Dr.P.R.Wadje, Principal. This program was organized by Mr. Bhushan Biradar, Asst. Prof, Mrs. Ankita Bankar, Asst.Prof. , along with Priti Shelar, Asst. Prof. and Mrs. Mrudula Jhadhav, Asst. Prof as team members. The aim of this program was to give brief introduction regarding human rights and duties provided by our constitution, information on different aspects and basic sections of constitution. All the faculty members have attended the session and they appreciated an initiative taken by NSS Department and Art’s Circle Team.