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Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar for 2020- 2021

DateArts DepartmentCommerce DepartmentComputer ScienceHospitality StudiesExtra Co-Curricular
01/07/2020Commencement of Term ICommencement of Term ICommencement of Term ICommencement of Term I
20/07/2020Commencement of T.Y.B.A OnlineCommencement of S.Y/T.Y. Online ClassesCommencement of S.Y/T.Y.BSc CS, BBA CA and S.Y. MSc CS Classes
Commencement of S.Y.B.A Online
21/07/2020(3rd Semestar)
Guest Lecture on Python, Big-Data and
11 & 12/08/2020Angular JS in Association with Aptech
12/08/2020SolutionsLibrarain Day Celebration
15/08/2020Independence Day
20/08/2020Sadbhavana Day Celebration
Commencement of S.Y/T.Y. Online
28/08/2020Induction Program for webinar on career opportunities in hotel industry for T.Y. BScHS
29/08/2020Commencement of F.Y.B.A.National Sport Day Celebration
International Webinar on Angular JS,
02/09/2020Big Data, Hadoop, Blockchain
Teachers' Day Celebration -
05/09/2020Webinar on National Education
07/09/2020Guest Lectues on Job Interview SkillsInduction of F.Y. B.C.A. & F.Y.B.Sc. (CS)Induction of F.Y.B.Sc. (HS)Policy 2020
08/09/2020Commencement of F.Y. B.C.A. & F.Y.B.Sc. (CS)Commencement of F.Y.B.Sc. (HS)
09/09/2020Unit Test for S.Y & T.Y. B.AInduction Program for F.Y.B.Com and F.Y.B.B.A. Classes
Commencement of F.Y.B.Com and
10/09/2020F.Y.B.B.A. Classes
11 to 18/09/2020Internal Examination of B.A
14/09/2020Workshop for FacultyHindi Day Celebration
14 to 21/09/2020Bridge course for FYBScHS
Guest lectues on New Trends in
Virtual Study Tour - Historical Place
19/09/2020Visit Online/ Historical Movie
Guest Lecture on different Elements
25/09/2020of English Poetry for S.Y.B.A.
26 to 28/09/2020
27/09/2020tourism day
Unit Test-I of B.Sc (CS) &
28-30/09/2020Unit Test of BBABBA CAUnit Test-I of B.Sc (HS)
03/10/2020Celebration of Gandhi Jayanti
07 to 12/10/2020
09/10/2020Hotel Visit
10/10/2020World Mental Health Day
Celebration of Dr. APJ Abdul
15/10/2020Kalam Birth Aniversary - Vachan
19/10/2020Webinar on Cocktail/ Mocktail DemoPrerana Diwas
One Day Workshop on functioning of
20/10/2020GSTFood Blog Writing Competition
22 to 28/10/2020Value Added Course for Students
Simmolanghan(Cross Our Own
24/10/2020Limit) - Dassara Festival
31/10/2020National Unity Day
Commencement of CertificateInternal Examination of B.B.A.
CourseF.Y.B.Com & SYBCOM Internal
02 to 12/11/2020(30 Hours)Examination, T.Y. B.Com Term EndInternal Examination of M.Sc (CS), B.Sc
Exam(CS) and BBA CAInternal Examination of B.Sc (HS)
10/11/2020Celebration of International Accounting
11/11/2020National Education Day
14/11/2020Childrens Day Celebration
Lecture of Career in Commerce and
16/11/2020Accounting Profession
23/11/2020Parent Teacher Meeting
24 to 27/11/2020Alumni Meet
23/11/2020 toCommencement of Certificate Course of
05/12/2020Tally ERP (30 Hours)
26/11/2020Constitution Day
Commencement of Certificate Course in
27/11 to 11/12/2020Certificate Course for StudentsBakery (30 Hours)
Mahatma Phule Punyatithi - Seminar
28/11/2020Lecture on Share Market Awarenesson Education for All
02/12/2020National Polution Day
Dr. Babashaeb Ambedkar
Mahaparinirvan Din - Lecture on Dr.
07/12/2020Babasaheb Ambedkar's Educational
Workshop on Importance of
10/12/2020LiteratureStudy Tour to RBI, Pune BranchHuman Rights Day
Lecture on How to Prepare Research
11/12/2020Project for T.Y.B.B.A.
14/12/2020Excurssion Department - Trip for
Asprushyata Nivaran Din and Sant
18/12/2020Gadgebaba Punyatithi - Short Film
Guest Lecture on Career Opportunities in
21/12/2020IT Industries
22/12/2020National Mathematics Day
23 to 29/12/2020NSS Special Winter Camp
22/12/2020Workshop on Share MarketTheme Lunch
Industrial Visit B.Com - Manufactureing
Savitribai Phule Punyatithi – Stri
03/01/2021Shikshan Samanta
04 to 09/01/2021Annual Sport Meet
10 to 15/01/2021Certificate Course on GST (30 Hrs)Days Celebration
Workshop on Startup &
13/01/2021Entreprenuership Devt
15/01/2021Makarsankranti - Importance of Day
for Social, Environmental and Other
16 & 17/01/2021Annual Social Gathering
20/01/2021Group Discussion on Gender Equity
20 to 25/01/2021Science Fest
Republic Day – Lecture on
26/01/2021Constitutional Values
27/01/2021Unit Test for F.Y.B.A
28 & 29/01/2021International Conference
01 to 06/02/2021Commerce Fest 2020-21
Certificate Course on Python / BIG DataNational or State
03 to 08/02/2021(30 Hrs)Seminar/Conferences
11 to 13/02/2021Practical & Projecct Assessment
Guest Lecture on Relevance of
17/02/2021History in Education
19/02/2021Thought & Management of Shivaji
Internal Examination of B.C.A. B.ScInternal Examination of B.ScMaharaj
02 to 07/03/2021(CS)(HS)
Felicitation and Guest Lecture on
08/03/2021Women Empowerment
12 to 17/03/2020Internal Examination of B.B.A.Practical Examination of B.Sc. (HS)
04 to 17/03/2020Practical Examination of B.Sc. (CS)
09 to 19/03/2020Practical Examination of B.C.A
Date of Commencement of University
19/03/2020Examination B.Sc (CS)
Date of Commencement ofDate of Commencement of University
07 to 23/03/2020University ExaminationExaminationPractical Examination of M.Sc. (CS)
Date of Commencement of Examination
Date of Commencement of Examination
28/04/2020M.Sc. (CS)
30/04/2020Conlusion of Term IIConlusion of Term IIConlusion of Term IIConlusion of Term IIConlusion of Term II

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