B.SC. (HS)

B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)

The B.Sc. (H.S.) is a discipline of hospitality and tourism. Considering that the hospitality industry is dynamic in nature, with new trends in food, service and décor, the curriculum structure designed by the University in trajectory with National Education Policy 2020 guidelines. It aims to provide a framework for understanding the hospitality industry by sensitizing students to the conceptual, visual, and perceptual process. The framed syllabus and the course policy are learner-centric with varying levels of skills in each academic year. Program structure and selected courses give diverse choices of subjects in tune with the changing trends in hospitality and tourism industries under the Choice Based Credit System. This four-year undergraduate programme is divided into VIII semesters with theory, practical components project and Internship. Students undergoing this programme would be equipped with sufficient knowledge in the field of hospitality studies. This programmes envisages the students to be well prepared for the job market with sufficient knowledge in the core areas For further details and syllabus please click on the link given below:
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