The B.A. degree course will consist of three years. The first year annual examination will be held at the end of the first year. The second year annual examination will be held at the end of the second year. The third year annual examination will be held at the end of the third year.

(i)   No candidate shall be admitted to enter upon the first year of B.A. Course unless he has passed the higher secondary school certificate examination of the Maharashtra State Board of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent examination of any other statutory Board or University with English as a passing subject.


There will be examination at the end of the First Year which will be called “Annual Examination”. The Annual Examination of each subject will be of 100 marks and will be of three hours duration.

Standard of Passing

  1. The candidate who has secured atleast 40 marks out of 100 in the Annual Examination shall be declared to have passed in the paper.
  2. The candidate failing to secure 32 marks in the Annual Examination shall have to appear for subsequent Annual Examination in that paper.
  3. The University will conduct Supplementary Annual Examination in October for Third Year papers only for the repeater students so as to enable them to save some time.
  4. The students having backlog of subject or subjects of the Second Year will be required to clear the same only in the next April/May Examination.

Award of Class

The class should be awarded to the student on the aggregate marks obtained by him/her at the First Year Examination and, in respect of B.A. the award of class shall be as follows:

  1. Aggregate 70% and above… First Class with Dist.
  2. Aggregate 60% and above… First Class.
  3. Aggregate 55% and more… Higher Second but less than 60% Class.
  4. Aggregate 50% and more but less than 60%… Second Class.
  5. Aggregate 40% and more but less than 50%… Pass Class.
  6. Below 40%… Fail.
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